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Tellini Srl is the most important distribution company in the wholesale sector of clothing, undergarments and household linen in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The family company was founded in 1856 and is now in the hands of its 4th generation, affirming itself as a reference point for reliability, product quality, and competitive pricing in wholesale distribution. Initially dedicated to the sale of fabrics, over the years Tellini has been focused on the finished product and has become a business which assures customers that new and continuative products are always available in large quantities in order to satisfy even the most urgent needs.

Reliability and competence are the strengths of Tellini and our team, which is always available to provide support and advice on new trends, fabrics, colors, and the wearability of garments. Our distributed brands are selected through rigorous standards of quality. Our highly competitive prices allow for interesting product promotion.

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The company origins hark back to 1856, before the unification of Italy, when the textile trade was carried out by means of wagons and peddlers and the business amounted to the import/export of raw cotton and fabric rolls, shipped from the regions of the Balkans to the dyers in the Lombardo-Venetian state.

After the First World War, on the momentum of a new economic and geopolitical autonomy, the company established its first offices in a stately palace in Udine, set up its own dyeing plant and welcomed the young and enterprising Ferruccio Job, the grandfather of the current owners, as an apprentice.

After more than 20 years of passionate work, carried out with great sensitiveness and devotion in the business of dress-making fabrics, Gregorio Job and his son Ferruccio purchased the company from the original owner, Edoardo Tellini, and they devoted themselves with enthusiasm and passion to a more and more well-structured and developed distribution.

In the 1970s there was the qualitative leap. From the retail sale of offcuts the company moved to the wholesale of clothing and household textiles with prompt delivery. The market's reaction was immediately positive. Significant relationships were quickly developed with important foreign customers, a branch was opened in Trieste and international trade fairs were attended to.

Since the 1990 the Tellini wholesale company specializes in the ready-to-wear sector and becomes a primary go-to solution for the commercial operators in the three North-Eastern Italian regions. The birth of “Partigross”, the first textile wholesalers' center in Italy, strongly backed by Ferruccio Job, and the entry in the renowned “Grossisti Tessili Innovativi” consortium represent the culmination of the growth arc of a solid management that is family-run, but decidedly projected towards the future.

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